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Herbal Medicine for Women’s Health

Using herbal medicine for the management of women’s health often forms a large part of an herbalist’s work!!

I am so grateful to be an herbalist and a woman because when presented with any female or hormonal health concerns, a wide range of herbs that work to modulate and correct most female health concerns are available.

 These herbs are always tailored to the individual circumstance; instead of allopathic medicines which are meant to be for general use and at best only have a limited scope of covering up symptoms temporarily.

Plants are currently the source of many of today’s medicines and hold the key to unlocking tomorrow’s remedies for deadly diseases. (As was the case in ancient times)

The herbs we use have similar but slight variances, and it takes a professional herbalist to be aware of these differences and select the appropriate herbs for the individual.

A Woman’s Herbal, Inc. can provide information about herbs that are beneficial to her health. These herbs gradually remove any negative conditions from the body and strengthen it at the same time.

No one can challenge the fact that we are still largely dependent on plants for treating our ailments. Almost 90 percent of people in developing countries still rely on traditional medicine, based on varied species of plants and animals, for their primary health care. In the United States, some 25 percent of prescriptions are filled with drugs whose active ingredients are extracted or derived from plants. By 1980 sales of these plant-based drugs in the United States amounted to some $4.5 billion annually. Worldwide sales of these plant-based drugs were estimated at $40 billion in 1990.